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CL Match Day Recap, Pippo is King

JT over at the Celtic blog wrote a great live blog that you should check out in case you missed the game. He also stumbled upon this masterpiece, pay special attention the man of the hour on the right.


Super Pippo has become the King of UEFA scoring surpassing Gerd Muller's all time record. If you really think about it is quite a record and is a testament to Pippo's uncanny ability to clean up every messy ball in the penalty box. For awhile I really believed Sheva would have this award but his late run of play has rendered him useless and has let Pippo take the crown. Deep down you have to believe that this record will pass amongst Milan players for awhile such as Kaka, or maybe even someday Gila, Milan just plays tons of CL games giving their players that much more opportunity.

I have to agree with both Martha and JT who have recaped the game today, reiterating that it was not much of an exciting affair, but more of a possesion minded chess match. I have to say that I really like something about Celtic, I can not figure out what it is but their style of play just makes you glad you watched, maybe scrappy is the word I am looking for.

Carletto played an entirely different back line with Bonera, Simic/Kaladze, Cafu, Favalli and was probably quite surprised with a really solid outcome back there. Favalli tore up and down the left flank with seemingly ageless abandon, while much of the rest of the squad did very little in the way of excitement. Carletto did spare Dida the embarrasment of standing in front of the Celtich fans, he should be thanking him immensly. Gourcuff got a solid twenty minutes today but really didn't stand out, I think his time at the club maybe waning, I would hope a loan in January instead of transfer deal in case all the hype is true.

Good travelling for the Rossoneri as the World Clup Cup adventure starts in Japan, how will we watch those games, and when...I will have to figure out some times and let you all know.