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Maldini Monday

Last week we spent a bit of time talking about a full length feature film chronicling the life of Il Capitano. The film is called Paolo Maldini Il Film and it is one of the greatest two hours of calico footage I have ever seen. It takes you through Maldini’s career both internationally and domestic, through the many highs and the few lows. It does all that with a phenomenal soundtrack, player interviews, a whole second disk devoted to Maldini’s playing style and interviews with such players as: Zidane, Gattuso, Ronaldo, Figo, and many more. At one point Zidane even says that there is no one better that he has every played against and preferred the left side of the attack if Maldini was on the pitch.

Below you will find the final five minutes of the movie, it starts off with a quote,

"If as a child I began to write a story, the most beautiful story you can ever imagine, I would have wrote just the way it has happened." Paolo Maldini

The video then leads into a great track and all of his accomplishments. Please enjoy the video as well as a safe and happy New Year!

As always your Maldini memories are welcome and will be posted every Monday now until the retirement of Il Capitano.