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Monday Milan Musings

The return of the once and former Milan King, Andry Schevchenko is all but imminent. Chelsea has set the transfer for the former golden man at 12M (pounds) which pales in comparison to the 31M fee they paid AC Milan a few years back. Hell, Milan have not even spent all that money yet so it looks 12M of that will go back to Stamford Bridge for Sheva's return to the San Siro. It is rumored that Sheva will even take a pay cut to be back on the Rossoneri bandwago, like a dog coming home with his tail between his legs.

I am very OK with this, even if he does not get into the first team right away it is a win-win situation for Milan. He was after all a fan favorite and an absolute monster in front of net. He will also give the squad much needed dpeth up front and allow Pato time to grow, instead of being thurst into first team action. I just hope it all goes through.