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Weekend Wrap Up

The Ol’Lady was in town for what turned out to be a pretty solid game from two old rivals. I believe that as a Rossoneri fan it was a fair result, granted to team still does not have a home win this campaign but Juventus was and is still playing fairly well. All I am saying is a point is a point, even though we are going to need three every Sunday for a long time, if we want to have a prayer.

First Half…

Looked a lot like when you come home and can not find the light switch, you just end up feeling around for awhile until bingo, lights on! The lights came on in the form of David Trezeguet cracking a shot on goal in the 11th minute and then the game kind of rolled on from there. The Rossoneri did not exactly roll over but it never really looked they had a grasp on the game or possession. Kaka showed streaks but was more lost than found, and Gila did not really create much for himself even though his movement was pretty solid. I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to the backline, but the mistakes have to stop, more specifically poor clears, have to stop.

Second Half…

The Rossoneri looked much more awake in this half even though it seemed like they generated fewer chances. They moved the ball better and seemed to have more space to work. Carletto subbed out a lackluster Serginho for Il Capitano who played some awesome minutes and even took a cracking shot on Gigi Buffon’s goal. All and all a solid effort, even though it did leave me wanting more, specifically goal and the ability to say, "Welcome back you Ol’bitch." Maybe next time.

And the winner is…

Well Ricky Kaka has finally ended the month long saga of who would win the Golden Ball. I am not going to sit here and say he did not deserve it, but it is hard to for me to not feel bad for a one Andre Pirlo. In my opinion Pirlo got the shaft last year at award time and again this year. Many, many fans know that much of Kaka’s success is due to the sweet service from Pirlo, and his value to the Azzuri is hard not to recognize. He is really the most underrated player in the world, period. It is about time he starts catching some praise for everything he does.

The Don…

Speaking earlier of the Azzuri, it got me wondering if my old pal The Don is the most cursed coach in history. Let us take a look at his terrible luck:

1. His better veteran players either retired of just plain started to suck, Canna, Nesta, Totti, and Zambro.

2. He had to endure a World Cup hangover, high expectations, and a nasty qualification group for Euro 2008.

3. He has to endure the group of death in Euro 08 only to see France yet again; I mean this rivalry is starting to look like Yankees-Red Sox.

4. Everyone seems to hate him for no real reason. He is finding ways to get results, yet he is gaining no respect. Very few, if any, Azzuri coaches played the truly "beautiful game" and The Don is no exception. He does play more controlled style of football, which love it or hate it makes sense, and with the right mix of players may provide results. No one likes Dunga’s Brazil but the team is playing very well, I do not care who likes The Don’s squad as long as they keep getting results.

The best of rest…

All the Seria A big boys won leaving the table relatively unchanged. Napoli took a thrashing on the road and is starting to look the most bi-polar team in the league.

Milan-Celtic this week for first place in the CL group, draw anyone? This game has a nil-nil tie written all over it.