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Friday Milan Musings, for my pal Ro

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I did not want Ro to go into withdrawals but even bloggers need a break. It is not all Cristal and Playboy Bunnies over here, and until you guys start paying me I have to go to work. Ok, Ok, enough of my whining, onto the good stuff.

-Let us take a sneak peek at Silvio Berlusconi’s La Befana (the Italian version of Santa Claus, a hideous Old Lady, delivering gifts on January 6) Wish List:

1. Ronaldinho Jersey
2. Ronaldinho Underwear
3. Ronaldinho Socks
4. Ronaldinho Headband
5. Ronaldinho Picture
6. Ronaldinho Cleats
7. Ronaldinho

As you can all see the man loves his ‘Dinho and it is look more and more likely that the fallen world player of the year may be on his way to Milan. We all know what happened to the last Brazilian whose name started with Ron, and if anyone has watched ‘Dinho in action I am beginning to the think he may cause us the same grief. I believe we would be lucky not take him, but alas Silvio thinks we can get him at a bargain. Martha has thrown some fuel to the fire here.

-Onto Carletto’s list which is a bit more reasonable:

1. Eto
2. a GK
3. Zambrotta
4. a new team?

It is not surprise that Carletto has always loved Eto and wants to be his coach. The only problem is Eto is so hot right now that Barca will never let him go, so that brings us to number 5 on his list. If Eto will not come to Milan, and to a lesser extent Zambro, then why not go coach there. My take on this is that Carletto has had a great run at Milan and can easily be compared to the likes of Cappello and Sacchi, but the bottom line is that if you are not evolving then it is time to move on, and Carletto who was the pioneer of many things, deep holding midfieler anyone? Has not really been innovative in a season or two, and the Serie A has completely passed him by. So who fills Carletto’s big shoes? Well who else but, Jose Mourinho, I have yet to really give the "Special One" much thought but I have always been a big fan of change and the excitement that comes with it, but does anyone remember a man named Tabarez…enough said.

-Time for my list:

1. Drogba
2. Abbiati to come home
3. Zambrotta
As we can all see it is nice and easy. Drogba is a huge move that would really give the squad a boost in Serie A, his cup tied issues really but a damper in my plans. Either way my Milan/Drogba jersey has been in my shopping cart on since September.

We are only three days away from the January transfer window and I can not wait to see what develops. I promise to keep everyone, especially Ro, apprised of all the moves. Don’t forget to check me out over on the World Cup Blog writing about none other than the Ivory Coast.