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Inter 2 - Milan 1


Hang your head Nelson, you really showed us your world class keeper skills today. Two stoppable shots, the second of the two literally looking like you got out of the way may have cost the Rossoneri a logistical shot at finishing in the Champions League shots.
Did Milan deserve to win today? Not all that much but neither did Inter, the game was sloppy, rough, and at times very erratic. Both teams deserved really no better than a 1-1 draw but as much of the season has showed Inter has come out on top.

Pirlo’s goal was fantastic, easily one of the best shots I have seen in ages but he, like the rest of the team, was in and out of solid play. Seedorf and Kaka also struggled to find a rhythm or even a cohesive style of play, Carletto parked him on the bench in favor of Serginho, but it was the sub of Emerson in favor of Gattuso that gave Inter the space in the midfield that was needed to dominate play and force quality shots. Maldini, outside of one poor clearance, played a really spectacular game showing why he was and still is one of the best defenders to ever play the game. His work up and down the flank and the sheer fact that Ibra preferred to operate in front of Nesta and Oddo, instead of Maldini shows the respect that he is still given. The truth is that Ibra did very little even on Nesta, who played as well as ever against a very difficult opponent.

As the end of the first half of the Rossoneri campaign draws to a close it is blatantly obvious that something needs to be done to salvage this season. Here are my suggestions:

1. Bring back Abbiati, it is clear that Dida has lost the cutting edge that is needed to be a World Class goalie. He lacks the aggressive nature needed on crosses, and his reaction time looks closer to an old man than a top class keeper. It was good while it lasted Nelson, but all good things must end.

2. Help up front is obvious, the question is who? Milan needs to make a decision to either bring in a big name like Sheva, or go for a younger player. They will have Pato so maybe a veteran teacher is a plus. Even bringing Aubamayeng up to the first squad may prove to pay dividends, either way they must do something.

3. When Gattuso is not playing Milan struggles to hold down the midfield, he is a special player who has no equal. Emerson is not even close, so either make a commitment to Brocchi, or look for a ball winning midfielder who actually remembers how to play.

4. Bring in Zambrotta, his flank play is fantastic and gives Carletto more options in the back, many people don’t remember but Zambro was as good a midfielder as anyone and can give some extra versatility.

Fetyani has provided us with Pirlo's goal straight from Milan, enjoy one of today's few brightspots.