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Saturday Afternoon Hangover

inter merda

Well it’s that time of year again, the Derby della Madonnina. This year the Derby has extra special meaning even though Mancini claims that he feels no rivalry with Good Guys of Milan. This is the same Mancini who belittled the Rossoneri’s Champions Cup win, which Inter have never tasted, and then further belittled the World Clup Championship which he called, a "friendly tournament," sounds like sour grapes Mr. Mancini. The real reason for the extra special meaning is that Milan could slap around the Serie A leaders with a good performance and potentially pick up some much needed momentum for the Serie A campaign.

Carletto understands the importance of this fixture and will most definitely play the A squad consisting of Dida, maybe Paolo, Janks, Oddo, Nesta, Ambro, Pirlo, Rino, Seedorf, Kaka & Gila. This game is the exact reason that Milan-Catania (more on that later) last Thursday was lined up the way it was, Carletto wanted all the big guns rested. Do I believe Milan can win? As a rational fan I would like to think that at any given time Milan can command a game and the midfield and eek out a one goal win. If it turns into a goal fest, like last season, I don’t expect Milan, the AC variety, to win this game. But that is why we play the games and I pumped for this one. Hopefully we can rely on Fetyani for an inside scoop.

Milan Keys to Victory
-Shut down Zlatan, easier said than done, isn’t that everyone’s key to victory…
-Pressure the crap out of the leaky back line, and shoot shoot shoot.
-Did you ever realize that when you read keys to victory they are always the same, I mean if Milan shoots more, possesses more, and plays airtight defense wouldn’t they win every game? I promise I will never put you through keys to victory again…

Milan-Catania Wrap Up

Look it is important to note that Carletto wanted a B-squad so that the prime team was ready for Inter. With that being said, other than Digao, the team was interesting to watch and almost exciting for me. Had he slotted in Kaladze or even Bonera next to Digao things may have worked out differently. The next leg will be an interesting affair, to see what Carletto has up his sleeve. How about Aubamayeng? I think the kid has got talent.

Champions League

Arsenal, f*cking Arsenal. They are playing well and really have the potential to run Milan into the ground. The nice thing is that Milan has a good track record against young teams and could really suffocate any EPL team when they want to. I am excited for these games, but nervous all the same. Their game against Chelsea last week was some intense stuff and they will not roll over for anyone.

Odds and Ends

More hot and heavy ‘Dinho rumors which I have more or less decided to leave alone, but expect the Janaury transfer window to turn into a hot stove right after the derby tomorrow news next week, and don’t forget