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Urawa Reds v. Milan, Game Recap

After a two hour commute home in a freaking blizzard, I have had plenty of time to reflect on this morning’s semifinal match. I also had a chance to listen to World Soccer Daily radio show on Sirius, which put me in a worser mood. It all started as I began replaying Milan’s game in my head and came to the realization that if they play this way on Sunday they will be in sorry shape. We can not make the mistake of saying that the Urawa Reds are great team, they are mediocre with very little ability to hang in with the big boys, with that being said they did well to try and dictate the tempo today, but lacked in touch, possession, and finishing.

As a Milan fan I am fully able to be critical of my team, but when the two scouzers from World Soccer Daily start ripping into my team it really pissed me off. They are barely even giving Milan a chance against Boca Juniors. Do they forget that Milan, even playing sub-par, can suffocate a team in the midfield and dictate a game enough to always give them a chance to win?? The real problem is, this season Milan is not squeaking out those close wins so they will have to do much more against Boca, preferably score a couple and lay those poor remarks to rest. As always it will be an entertaining game, and if things go well Milan will use their wily gamesmanship to get a win.

Good game today from Pirlo as always, but what about Rino? I swear he was lost today; I have never watched 90 minutes and seen him as little as I did. Gila really struggled to get into the game but I think it had to do with the marking he received, which freed up Clarence to blow like 4 out of 5 chances on net. Kaka was also a bit hit or miss, and looked exhausted, I wish Carletto had given him a 15 minute rest right after the goal but Kaka will have to go full boar again Sunday.

Expect the same lineup on Sunday with the exception of Maldini for Kaladze, and gasp maybe even Janks! How awesome would it be to see Paolo lift the trophy at his old wingback spot, priceless. I will do my best to live blog, or at least blog during the game so be sure to check back.