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Urawa Reds v. Milan- First & Second Half Thoughts

I wanted to live blog this game but once again work has gotten in the way, alas I would like to give my first half thoughts and then follow up tonight with a full game recap.

I went to bed around 930 to assure good coherent awakeness for the match this morning but the world is a cold dark place this early in the morning. Carletto went with his solid CL lineup:
Dida, Oddo, Nesta, Kaladze, Janks, Pirlo, Gattuso, Ambro, Seedorf, Kaka, Gila. No real surprises in my opinion other than Paolo, but I imagine he starts Sunday if Milan progresses. There was even talk of Ronnie being fit, but as always the big man was nowhere to be found, thats perfectly fine and we are only 17 days or so away from him getting his walking papers.

The first half started quickly and looked as though Urawa was very happy to dictate the pace, and the Rossoneri were very happy to allow them to do so. The pace seemed to actually help Milan as they pressed forward forcing Urawa to react on defense and even conceed some Pirlo perfect free kick, but he nor Janks could capitalize. Urawa though was not without some counter attacking flashes and Milan did well to push the attack back, it just seems Urawa is preoccupied with going back to defend than commit numbers to the attack.

For Milan to crack a goal in the second half Kaka has to be a bit sharper, and as any team, you have to bury your chances in front of the net. Pirlo has done well, as always, linking the back to the front but they need a more quality service in the attacking third. A more consistent buildup will be a big help, and Oddo needs to really start pinpointing those crosses a bit more.

It was a nice treat to get some Rossoneri action on a weekday morning, and I hope the end result was worth the early rise.


Great pass from the back Pirlo to Kaka on the left flank, Kaka cuts in parallel to the side line and strikes a perfectly weighted left footed ball to Clarence who redirects it low into the bottom right of the net.

Carletto puts in Il Capitano for Janks, I wish he had just held Maldini back until Sunday but anytime I can watch Paolo on the pitch its a treat. I will shut up now and let him play.


I have to go to work, stupid work, check back tonight for a game recap, and a preview of the potential Sunday matchup. Lets hope the result holds and good news will be posted here later.