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The Weirdest Thing...

So the other night I woke up in a hot sweat after having the strangest dream ever. Let me first prerequisite this with a few things.

1. I was not drunk, hungover, or in any form of alternate state of mind.
2. Other than watching Milan v. Juve and writing my last post I have not really spent a lot of time thinking about Milan.
3. I must really internally worry about the state of Milan at all times

So in my dream Il Capitano, Paolo Maldini, took it upon himself to become a goalie, yes a goalie! He decided that instead of retirement, which he could not bear, he would instead devote his fabolous forties to playing between the pipes. He then told me, in the dream mind you, "I can still help the Rossoneri and even though I am not as fast as I once was that I can still play better than Dida, even though I am not a goalie." I then pleaded with him to stay a wingback or central defender, but as the captain of the team I believed him and gave him my fullest blessing.

Upon awaking in a cold sweat, scared out of my mind, I happily realized that I was only dreaming and that I had much much bigger problems to worry about. Someday Maldini will retire, not even my dreams is Dida a good goalie, and I am dreaming about Milan...well so much for my sanity.

Thursday 5AM EST Fifa Club Cup on FSC Milan vs the Reds, as you can sleep is useless to me so I will be tuning in, I will have a recap that night. Until them sweet dreams...