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Tuesday Milan Musings, I want a Cut

If you all took my gambling advice and bet on Milan I would like to take a 2-5% cut on all earnings, hey its the least I could do for such good gambling advice. Let me know who is interested in helping their Milan news man...

Shakhtar 0 Milan 3

I would not exactly call this a dominate performance, instead it is more of a quality finish. The defense, makeshift as it was with Bonera, Nesta, Kaladze, Serginho, was not exactly Milan's strong point. Many mistakes today that could have all easily led to Shakhtar goals, Milan was on the lucky side for once today and got a some great saves from Dida, mixed in with his usual fumbles. The nice thing about today's game was that Milan showed a bit of grit and was able to get the KO when it mattered with three goals coming in the second half. It was promising considering then when Milan goes nil-nil at half it usually ends up being a loss. Gila showed some good today but again lacked the finishing touch, instead it was Mr. Champions League himself, Super Pippo, showing why he is still on this roster. Kaka added a typical goal from a great pass to Inazghi. It is hard not to give MOTM honors to Pippo who really lit a fire under the team when they needed it most.

The win today leaves Milan three points clear of Shakhtar and Celtic. It is not over yet though as Milan still needs to play Benfica and the always gritty Celtic. Another win though should assure Milan a spot in the knockout phase of the tournament.

Ronaldo was again MIA today and did not have the luxury of watching the game only listening so I was not able to see Big Ron on the bench. It looks like his return, which seems like we have been waiting for ages, will be this weekend against Atalanta. After seeing Carletto's lineup for today I have no idea what he has planned for the this weekends fixture. I was sure he was going to go offensive but then again no one really can tell what is going on in that mans head anymore, I am taking a wait and see attitude for this weekend.

Lastly, I would like commend the great Milan legend "IL BARONE" Nils Liedholm, who recently passed at the age of 85. Many tifosi barely even know Liedholm who was one of the first truly legendary foreigners to wear the Red and Black. Check out this great tribute as I leave with some stats and tidbits of a truly great and undertated player.
Born: October 8, 1922 in Valdemarsvik, Sweden

* Began his playing career with IK Sleipner in 1942 before joining IFK Norrkoping four years later. While at the club, he was part of the Sweden team which won the 1948 Olympic Games title in London.

* In 1949 Liedholm joined AC Milan where, together with Gunnar Gren and Gunnar Nordahl, he became part of the famous trio of Swedes nicknamed "Gre-No-Li."

* Midfielder Liedholm won four Serie A titles, including Milan's first in 44 years, and two Latin Cups, the brief precursor to the European Cup. He retired in 1961 having scored 81 goals in 359 appearances for the club.

* He captained Milan and Sweden in their debut 1958 finals in the European Cup and World Cup respectively, losing to Real Madrid and a Brazil side which included the 17-year-old Pele.

* In 1964 Liedholm first took charge of Milan and after subsequent spells as coach of Verona, Varese and Fiorentina, he returned to guide the Rossoneri to the Serie A title in 1979.

* In 1983 he led AS Roma to their first scudetto since 1942 and a year later guided them to the European Cup final where they lost on penalties to Liverpool. He also returned to briefly coach the club in 1997, aged 74.

* Liedholm died in the Italian town of Cuccaro on November 5, aged 85.

*Made 359 appearances for the Rossoneri from 1949-61 -- scoring 81 goals -- and won Italian championships in 1951, '55, '57, and '59.

-Special thanks to REUTERS and CNN for the great facts and articles-