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Monday Milan Musings

Well on the eve of the Rossoneri’s trip to Shakhtar I am very tempted to head over to and throw some cash down on this game, why? Well if you look at the last few results who wouldn’t?

Milan 0 Empoli 1
Milan 3 Shakhtar 1
Milan 0 Roma 1
Samp 0 Milan 5
Milan 0 Torino 0
Milan >3 Shakhtar ?

I know I am being optimistic, but we can all see the trend. Big Ron is primed and ready for action, I wonder if he has been a strict diet of celery and rice cakes before his return to the side. The man is apparently so out of shape that in Fifa 08 he has the worst stamina on the AC Milan…by more than 10 points!!! Even EA understands the problems that man has. With all that aside I am as optimistic as everyone and really want Ronaldo to do well so maybe we can get off this erratic streak of wins and losses/draws. I do hope that Carletto does not go Brazilian crazy and keeps Gila in the attack. If Ambro or Seedorf start on the bench they can easily come in to lock down the midfield if Milan gets a goal or two, I would much rather a strong attacking formation from the start, watching them claw back from a goal down is almost as painful as watch Roma goalie Doni flail around injured.

I really believe now that all the eggs are in the Champions League basket and they have to do everything to win these games. My only fear is that they run into Arsenal or Man U in the next round and get absolutely annihilated on shear speed and youth, that game was insane on Sunday and worth a look from any fan.

Needless to say there is no better time for this team to really pick it up especially with the December Club Cup coming. A few wins here or their can really boost a team who last year played outstanding Jan-May football, lets just hope the same thing happens in 08 because without it the Rossoneri may be playing in the UEFA Cup instead of Champions League next season.

For your viewing pleasure, many thanks to Martha, check out this link of referee errors against the Rossoneri this season, it sure to make you want to smash something.