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It's Good to Be Back

Back to business as usual, the move into my condo was a success and my internet and thankfully TV is back up and running. Now if I only quit work and devote my life to Milan I would be in business, alas that can not happen so its time for the happenings since my last post.

-We have to acknowledge Fetyani for being the man and posting some awesome pics of him and the Champions Cup as well as Rino Gattuso and Daniel Massaro. Check them out on the last post. If anyone else has cool pics of them and the boys in red and black feel free to send them to me or post them right in the comments so we can all enjoy them.

-Last Sunday Milan fought back hard to drag out a win against Cagliari. It may actually be safe to say that the squad is turning a bit of corner because just a few weeks a one-nil deficit almost was a certain loss. They fought back and we were really able to stay in the game and more importantly sustain pressure. Big Ron made his triumphant return and all I can say is ouch, he looked absolutely exhausted good for Carletto to stick with him.

-The Rossoneri have also booked themselves a ticket for knockout football in the Champions League. A draw with Benfica has assured them at least second place as they line up to play Celtic, who as many fans remember basically pushed the Rossoneri around and handed them a rather bleak loss that but Milan on the fast track to nowhere in the Serie A. A little revenge would be nice and first place even nicer. They even earned the praise of former Milanista Manuel Rui Costa who provided some great years of service to the club.

-Saturday Milan invites the Old Lady Juventus back into their home after a one year hiatus. Frankly I hate Juventus almost as much as I hate Inter, those cheating bastards have cost the Rossoneri more than a few scudetti and I have very little remorse for their year spent in Seria B. Regardless of my feelings, Milan really needs a victory here for both their standing in the table and for their pride and rivalry’s sake. At 14 points Milan needs nothing short of a miracle or ten straight victories to even have a prayer. Hey anything can happen…