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Grab your pants with the elastic waist, its Turkey DAY!!

Sorry for my absence in the past week, I am moving and it has been an extremely time consuming affair. I will be internetless until at least at Tuesday of next week so I shall leave with you these little news bits while you pass out from to much turkey...

-Zambrotta may be a Milan man as early as January, despite denials from Uncle Fester it looks like they are hot and heavy for Zambro. At least they are making rational sense for once.

-Congrats to Milan man, THE DON, and his qualification for Euro 08. It looks like he finally has a plan and that the players are behind him. To many more Milanisti in 08's Azzuri squad!

-Big Ron will most likely play this weekend, stress on the "most likely."

-Is everyone ready for Pato? His arrival is very soon and I expect him to get a fair amount of playing time early due to the striker situation at the San Siro.

-Jans Lehmann wants out of Arsenal, the big German cry baby has been whining all season and I would not be surprised if Ol' Fester and company make a pass at the big German, why you ask? Because it is an irrational move that only makes sense to them. Fester, there are tons of quality ITALIAN keepers out there stay away from everyone else.

-December is Kaka's big day for his alleged Golden Ball victory. Hardware is a hardware and I guess he earned it with this Champions League play last season, but the only thing matters to me are the trophies. Congrats to Kaka, but look out for Ibra.