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Samp 0 - Milan 5

Well today the evil offensive twin of Milan decided to show up and thrash Samp at their own house. Am I happy?, Yes. Am I confused?, Extremely. The only real thing I can say is WTF?

In the past month they thrashed Lazio, Samp, and Shakhtar. I do understand that these are not neccesarily world class opponents, but they are not talentless squads either. I just cannot figure out what is causing these Jekyll and Hyde performances. It is not exhaustion, as Silvio had thought, because they have had a few games prior to this. It could be that they just want to silence their critics, then again most of these thrashings have taken place away from the San Siro. I mean their is really no explanation to this madness, even with a subpar squad today they really took it to Samp.

Hats off to Gourcuff for capitalizing on his chance today, and also to Bonera who played a great game. Gila just keeps scoring and in essence has basically silenced his critics, but it is important to remember that this team has to show up more and more if they want a chance in any of their many cups. Next up is Torino and if I were betting man I would probably bet that the geriatric non-offensive twin will be in action at the San Siro Sunday, stay tuned.