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Monday Milan Musings, a second look


Well after a win like yesterday’s it easy to forget all the problems that the Rossoneri really have, now that I have been able to watch the game again I want to raise a few points and see what everyone thinks about them.

1. I really think Ambro’s goal was a shot, if it was a cross I have no idea what to think. Take nothing away from Ambro whose play has been stellar as of late and without him and Pirlo, Milan would have been nowhere. That poor goalie was thrown to the wolves yesterday. If it was a hockey he would have been pulled after the first goal through his legs. His positioning was god awful and at times he made Dida look world class again. It was nice to score five goals but if you take away the PK and the two through his legs that means Milan only scored two legit goals…Gila and Seedorf both blew two so the offense is not in fifth gear just yet.

2. The defense let the team down again, and so did Dida. The scored was 1-1 at one point yesterday and it just goes to show that things are still shaky in the back if Milan had two or three goals before Lazio it would be less to worry about. I just do not trust Bonera and he has to continue to get better with time or else he does not become a viable option anymore. Favalli gets beat often and so would Cafu, why not give the nod to Simic?

3. Kaka played better yesterday but he has still not gained top form. His position on the field was much better and his passing worked wonders, but there was still times where I asked myself what he was thinking. His first goals were a bit of luck, but his movement was much better. He seems to really be struggling with staying involved in the attack.

4. Nice to see Gila is alive and kicking, did anyone notice the pat (or vicious slap) on the back he got from Gattuso after the second goal. Do you think people are afraid to celebrate with Rino after a goal, I mean you could hear it through the broadcast. I bet if you took Rino the bar for a few brewskis you would def not be able to go home without an old fashioned brawl, his intensity is just through the roof.

Lazio is a good team, and Wednesday against Real proved that. But they just looked spent, outmatched, and plain old flat. I am glad Milan’s win was against a contender but Lazio looked like a shell of a good team that was unfortunate to catch Milan at a bad time.

All the team played well but it has to get better from here. Offensive needs to be more compact efficient while the defense needs to get back into the shutout form. I know these are things all teams need to do to win but Milan has to get better from the back to score in the front, it has always been a solid defensive and it needs to get back to that form to keep winning.