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Lazio 1 - Milan 5

Well, well, well...I have to admit I have been a reclusive hermit since Milan's loss to Celtic midweek. Even one of the boys on the team I coached asked wear my Milan hat was, before I snapped angrily at him and made him run laps. In fact I had even comtemplated boycotting the game today after the midweek debacle. Alas, a fan is always a fan and the Rossoneri could probably be as bad as the RBNY and I would still watch every minute.

I have to admit I was really really really surprised to see our old friend Nelson Dida between the pipes. I thought he had been banished to Silvio's Batcave with Sheva by now. He was fortunate that the boys upfront made his job very easy.

It is hard to tell if today was an aboration or if Milan had finally exploded and played to their potential. I have to admit in the past few weeks there were many solid flurries of play but never anything sustained and worthwhile. It was almost like someone shook a soda bottle for a month and they finally exploded today. My condolences go out to Lazio for taking the brunt of that explosion.

It was a strong game from start to finish and Ambro kicked off the five goal festa with a great long range blast that fooled the Lazio keeper. I have always been a huge advocate of taking rips from long range as a player, coach, and fan. It just makes the keeper work and forces him to not make mistakes. Ambro has been playing well lately and I was happy he got his today. Lazio did manage to draw even only seven minutes later and I began to tear at my nails but another Kaka PK gave the lead at half.

Gila had a coming out party of sorts today and I can not tell you enough how important that was. I hope Carletto took good notes, keep Gila rolling, give him time and hopefully he will no longer dissapoint. The whole formation worked well today against a team that was playing well also. I would have liked to see Gourcuff sooner, especially with a lead but a win is a win.

I am not 100% convinced but I am very much relieved, the road is still long, but if Milan are gonna climb back this is how to start things off.