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Celtic 2- Milan 1


I have been speechless most of the day and have finally mustered enough strength to rip someone a new asshole. Let us start shall we:

Dida has been in a steady decline for the past few seasons at the San Siro, but instead of saying thanks for the memories he has been resigned. While this love fest has been going on the likes of Buffon, Cudicini, Abbiati, and Amelia have all flown under the Milan radar. In all honestly this is absolutely unacceptable, the man lost the game today no question. The problem is as I think back, it is not the first time I have said this. His shakiness on crosses has always been a weakness, but today it was just to much. I am almost willing to be that the fan that whacked him across was a Rossoneri tifosi who had stolen Celtic gear to kill two birds with one stone, my hat is off to you. Remeber Milan fans, our goalie was being carried off after being slapped in the face...GREAT.

2. The defense lacked any cover what so ever on corner kicks. Again this is not an issue if Dida snags these balls but the cover and clear is just not there. Why? Nesta is a tall guy, but Bonera's placement on these corners just does not cut it. I never thought I would say this, but I would take Jaap Stamm at this point. Maldini must really, really, really pissed off.

3. The only goal today came off a PK, that means that the only way they were able to score was a terrible tackle on Ambro that led to a spot kick. I do understand that the first half was very defensive and the midfield did well to hold the run of play, but 2 shots on goal!??!?! This is a world class team and you can only put two shots on goal. Pippo had one chance, and Gila none...THESE ARE YOUR STRIKERS!!!!!

4. Carletto has to be more aware of the game, what was he watching. He needed to push the play hard in the beginning of the second half, instead he got burnt in the end. I am not calling for his head because I just don't see anyone having anymore success right now. It has come to the point where I am contemplating and entirely new roster some time in January.

With all that being said there was actually some great CL games today. The man, myth, and legend Didier Drogba single handedly saved Chelsea and Avram Grant today by playing his heart out. I wish we had a guy with that kind of heart and aggresion, instead we have Ricky Kaka, who played fairly well, if he was all alone...its called a pass Ricky.

Lazio drew with Real Madrid which is awesome for them, other than Inter, it is good for Italian football to succeed in the CL and I applaud their efforts today. I mean if Inter even had an Italian on the bench, ah screw it I hope they don't even make it of the first round.