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Tuesday Milan Musings, Coco Calls Milan

Former Milan golden boy, Francesco Coco, would like to return to football, and more importantly to Milan. Talking about a player like Coco, is basically talking about a player with tons of upside, but very little determination to use it. (Cassano anyone??) Coco has earned 17 Azzuri caps and has played his fair share of meaningful games at his various clubs. At this point is he worth a shot, YES! He is 30, which is like 5 years younger than the average age of the Rossoneri defense, he will cost little to nothing to bring on board, his risk factor is very low, and he has to be better than Ricky Kaka's brother, Digao, who rumor has it is god-awful. I hope the brass give it whirl, it makes sense and has no real downside. I know a few Milanista wouldn't mind seeing this again


or his very talented girlfriend(s)

coco and gf

On a side note good ol'Sil has given his suggestion for why Milan is not good this season,

"Rather than have the players come to Milanello for training, they should go home and get some sleep."

In normal human terms this basically translates to, "My team is real old and we cannot possibly keep playing all these games and expect to Cafu to still be able to walk when its all over, and someone please find me some more over the hill Brazilians so we can make it through the World Club Cup."

The blind lead the blind at the San Siro