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WTF! Milan 4- Shakhtar 1, CL Recap

Well the two headed monster that is AC Milan has left me dumbfounded once again. This time the attacking team decided to show up hand Shakthar a 4-1 loss. Where this team was against Empoli is a mystery to me, but it looks as though the boys want to play when the Champion’s League comes around. A brace each from Gila and Seedorf helped win a crucial game for the Rossoneri who were headed straight down the toilet with their run of play of late.

I would not get all that excited yet fellow tifosi, I do not want to rain on a 3 goal win but there are some things that I want to bring out about today’s game. Two crucial stats for me to show how dominant a team is in the attacking third are shots and corners. Shakthar were able to shoot 21 times, though not all net, that is a lot of pressure for any keeper to be under (I am so glad Dida was banned today). Shakthar also managed to lead possession, which does not always equal victory, as we all know, but I am not totally satisfied with these 4 goal outburst. They just can not seems to dominate a game like they used to, it always looks as though there is a part of the game where everything teeters on the brink of disaster, and it is make me nuts. I would really prefer a team that was working smoothly all the time, instead of brief flashes of all out power. Three points are three points and I will take them, it leaves the Rossoneri top of the class:

1 AC Milan 6
2 Shakhtar Donetsk 6
3 Benfica 3
4 Celtic 3

If the Rossoneri could just harness this offensive power and use it against weaker teams’ things would be going much better. A true test comes this weekend against a strong Serie A side, Roma, if Milan can get a result the road is not so bleak, I am not promising a scudetto but at least a boost in confidence for the remainder of the year, baby steps.

Stay tuned for the Roma preview, I am sure you will find one here as well…though slightly leaning towards the wrong team.