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Wednesday Milan Musings

With a Champions League fixture slowly approaching Milan looks to be in a bit worser shape than I had imagined. The lack of depth on the bench has proved very very costly, as the game today looks to be a bit of a patchwork eleven. Dida, who has had his ban reduced solely based on the appeal, will most likely not be in the pipes. There is also a slim chance, or fifty percent, that Kaka and Janks are not in the lineup either. That basically means that the Rossoneri will be going to battle without the Champions League warhorse, it also means that the goals will probably not be flowing like water.

The lack of depth on this bench is painstakingly clear, as I watched Barcelona field a solid squad of b-listers today with a stronger bench. I wondered why Milan lacked the depth needed to be a real force in all competitions. It definetly is not a money issue, nor is it lack of available players. It is just plain irresponsibility and stupidty from the managment. Imagine if instead of extending the contracts of guys like Cafu, Serginho, and Dida they went out and invested the CL winnings on quality mid-twenties bench players. This team would not be in any trouble at all, the list of strikers alone that we could have had makes me sick to my stomach.

Santa Cruz-tearing it up at Blackburn!!
Tevez- plain awesome
I only named a few because the turning in my stomach made me stop...

This is just plain unacceptable. To think this year they sold the most season tickets ever, they reallt thanked the loyal fans, I do not blame their boos or lack of cheering. They can respect the captian and the always will, but no one else is earning praise from me right now. Part of me really hopes they can pull out of this tailspin, but there is a small part of me that hopes they bomb out of CL, and finish fifth in Serie A. This way it is no mystery that this team is just not all that good or reliable, sorry Uncle Fester but the ship you built may just sink...