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My Prayers Have Been Answered


I have to say today was a ridiculously exciting day for me. As many of you know I am a huge fan of Chelsea hitman Didier Drogba, enough so to take on the responsibility of writing for the Ivory Coast Blog on the Offside sister sight, World Cup Blog. Drogba has made it very clear that the road Chelsea is going down is not very satisfactory to him, do you blame him? The Special One, Jose Mourinho, who played him and supported him, is now gone, the new manager is a puppet of Roman Abramovich and prefers Sheva, and the big wallet to support the blues is not so big anymore. The big man’s bags are packed and his love for Milan has been made known on a few occasions, even in the form of his current significant other. In case you are not putting two and two together, this means Drogba has a real chance of coming to the San Siro.

I know many of you have stated that he would not be the answer to all the problems, but look at the numbers. Drogba has scored 55 goals in the past three seasons in all competitions leading the EPL on one occasion and being very close on another. His goal scoring abilities are no mystery. He also makes things very easy for his strike partners because of the defensive cover he draws, and if anyone watched the last Chelsea Champions League against Benfica he can be a difference maker that wins matches, period.

I do understand that he does not help the team get younger, or solve the problems in the back. What he does do is give Carletto a consistent striking option in a team that is built to win now, not tomorrow. I want the team to get younger as well, but winning with the current eleven means we need help up front, in the form of a world class hitman, not a pimply faced seventeen year old. It would be fantastic if Milan could pull the trigger on this move. It would need to be very soon though because if Chelsea clears the group stages of the Champions League Drogba would be cup tied and unable to play in the 08 CL campaign.