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The Don goes with a Milanista Midfield

-The Don's Rossoneri midfield this weekend against Georgia paid big dividends. This was arguably the best and most offensive Azzuri game under the reign of the Don. Some fans are calling the game boring, but I think it was a testament to good possession football. Pirlo's goal was a gift but Toni's header should not have missed. Great goal from Grosso on his return to the Azzuri, and his play makes me wonder if if Zamba or Oddo should sit the bench for him. Oddo did play quite well though, and I am sure two of those three will be in action against Scotland. Barzagli and Pannucci did very little so things were sharp up front, congrats on another win. I just hope they can bury France in the process.

-Uncle Fester and company are denying any moves or offerings for their golden boy Kaka. Lampard and Drogba for Kaka is looking like a mighty fine deal at this point and time.

- The return of R99 is imminent, and not barring any midweek disasters he will be on the bench against Empoli, I have literally no excitement for this whatsoever, sorry.

-Maldini returned on Friday in a nil-nil draw with Atletico Bilbao, he hopes to play again this weekend against Empoli, only time will tell if he can manage. I no longer Il Capitano should only play in Europe, I know believe he should play whenever he can so that he and Nesta can hold down the line together, and I do not have to watch Bonera. I still can not gain any faith in him, I am trying.