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In the biggest case since OJ, Nelson Dida has been found guilty by UEFA for what is being called unsportsmanlike conduct. UEFA has handed down what I consider a lenient two game suspension to the keep that has since fallen out of favor at the club, except in the eyes of Uncle Fester, Galliani. FesterI bet that game sold A TON.

His hard on for Brazilian players is getting a bit out of hand and I think it is time he seeks some form of counseling, I mean how much longer can I bash Inter and their cast of Argies, while I am looking at a roster full of has-been Brazilians….I will give Kaka a reprieve on this rant.

As a rational Milan I feel that Celtic was given a fair penalty because the situation was not as bad as it could have been and UEFA recognized this. A two year probationary and a hefty fine is fine for me, if the fan had been an axe wielding maniac than things would have been much different. Either way Milan is now prime for a new keeper, and their eyes are on an Abbiati return, which I am all in favor of. They have also shown interest in 21 year old Brescia keeper Emiliano Viviano. viviano If Abbiati does not return I am all for a young Italian keeper, heck bring them both in, and then things will be grand.

On a side note, Oddo seems to have taken the torch for Rino as the most outspoken Rossoneri, why? I have no idea, I geuss a year in the Red and Black has made him a hero, maybe Rino has lost his voice? I am not sure yet if I like it, especially when Oddo is calling for Dida mercy. I am beginning to feel like Milanello is turning into a circus sideshow, I am glad the Azzuri are going this weekend so Milan can stay out of the news for a day or two. Good luck to all Rossoneri called into the squad and hopefully The Don can lead the boys to another win on Saturday.