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The Ivorian superstar, and my current favorite striker in the world, Didier Drogba has been flying back and forth from London to Milan. Do not go nuts yet Rossoneri fans, he is flying back and forth because of a lady friend, and if the Milan brass would just pop over to the they would realize that they could throw a little cash, which they have plenty of, at Drogba and lure him to Milan for good. We all know that men can be swayed by two things, money and females, and apparently Milan has got it all.

In all seriousness, Milan are in desperate need of help up front. With the departure of Mourinho and the promotion of the player that was once Sheva, the window of opportunity to lure Drogba is better than ever. Don't these sound like the words of a man ready for a change,

"I find Jose's 'eviction' hard to take. I could not see the blow coming so brutally."
Then continued, "It changes an awful lot of things. At the moment, I am in the sort of nervous state I've never dreamed about before."

The time is now...can't you just see him scoring goals over the likes of Chivu, Andrade, Mexes, Barzagli, and Matrix...the possibilities are endless.