seria a

Well, Well, Well...


From a place that wouldn't spend a dime to further his cause to the place that bought most of the players he wanted!? Max Allegri goes from toiling to the top of the table.

All For Naught...


Milan needed a little help and for a moment there it looked like it would happen, but then it all came crumbling down.

End of the Road...


As I always say Milan find a way to take the long road and walk it, this season was no exception.

It was Supposed to Work...


The 4-3-1-2 is supposed to work for this team, the execution continues to be lacking.

The Derby Della Madonnina!


Inter sits fifth table, and catching them is a tough sell.

Ugly Gets the Result Again..


Four in a row, one uglier than the next!

Who Needs Pretty Football if You Get Results!?


Funny that Seedorf was brought in to shine up the football, but the results have come with the sleeves rolled up.

The Kaka Show...


There are two ways you can look at this one.

A Battle at the Bottom...


Chievo sits lower than Milan in the table but at the bottom the scrappers seem to find a way.

Live to Fight Another Day


This one truly came out of nowhere! Unusual heroes in unusual circumstances.

Nothing to Cheer About It


The point was absolutely crucial and normally I wouldn't care on how we got there, but this was ugly.



For a minute they gave me hope, but then they screwed up too.

The Answer is Right Before Our Very Eyes...


In 1999 Zaccheroni won a Title but never gelled with the brass, Milan underwent some turmoil until the reins were handed to a former player and the new Milan was born. History Repeats...



Everybody wants me to say I told you so, but there is no point. The problems are in plain sight.

It used to define Serie A...


Now it can simply be a moral victory for AC Milan.

A 31 Point Gap...


Yes, you read that right.

Can the Midweek Resilience Travel to the Marassi?


Milan looked determine and resolute midweek, can they do it twice in a row?

Riding the Wave...


It was not a horrific display midweek and while the season is all but lost can Milan channel the positives to Genoa.

Stay Undefeated in 2014!?


Unheard of or slight possibility?

Ricky Cemented his Place, did Cristante Start his?


On a day where Kaka cemented his legacy, a youngster stole the show!

This Ship was Made to Sink


Once again Milan showed its cracks and seven games unbeaten comes to end with it the new reign of terror for the Couch Coaches!

Last But Not Least...


My Derby Preview!

Our First Interista!


We welcome Inter's very own Max. Easy UA3, it's not Max Allegri!

Avia Weighs In...


He is the Godfather for a reason!

Forget the Holiday Season, it is Derby Season!


It's the time of the year to share with bitter rivals.

Gattuso Match Fixing...


FSUN, shield your eyes, you may not like this, it doesn't fit into your fuzzy happy agenda. Even our favorites are not infallible it may seem, hope he is innocent...

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