New Coach Please!

Me with a Legend!

Everyone get behind Team Pippo!

For any reader who has been here long enough will know that the last couple of seasons have been fraught, but after last nights woeful result it seems that Allegri is more than just on thin ice, we are practically stood around the hole in the ice as he submerges and once in a while comes back up for air, unlike some , i dont want to be stood here jeering as this takes place as i truly dont believe this is all his own fault.

I still feel the best thing was for him to have left last summer after the public humiliation from Berlusconi which made us look like abit of a circus sideshow.

The rumour mill is salivating at the possibility  that Pippo will be asked to take over. Who could possibly poo-poo this idea or more importantly why would you want to knock back the idea of a true Milan legend taking over at the helm?

It goes back to the Allegri issue imo, IF Pippo takes over will this be something agreed by everybody at the club or just one faction of the Babs-Fester schism? IF Pippo takes over does this also signal that there is no genuine long term strategy at the club, i mean, why not can Allegri during the winter break? Didnt people already know things where going badly?

Its no secret that Galliani was the guy that had to talk Berlu into signing Allegri in the 1st place and strongly suspect that Fester also had to keep Allegri within the fold over the summer. Would Allegri's forced departure further weaken the already embattled Fester? Would that make Pippo a member of "Team Babs"?? Would this mean Super Pips doesnt get the full support he deserves?

The thing is, i think Pippo will be perfect for Milan. I can see him taking us far but fear that now might not be the right time. I mean what if Pippo took over this shower of shit and still wasnt given the financial backing in the summer? It was one thing watching Allegri have to put up with the BS but imagine having to watch Pippo go through the Milan Meat Mincer i fear that I even as a self-proclaimed Berlusconi kinda guy would find myself loathing Berlu for badly treating a legend (ala Maldini)

Also i dont want to see Pippo become another Stramaccioni .........(whatever happened to that guy?)

I think yes to Pippo but it would be better after the Fester-Babs power struggle has lead to one party being in control and Pippo having access to cash & players to implement his own ideas.

The club made a decision to keep Allegri over the winter which would have been the better time to show him the door so why do they get off scot-free?

Do we see an interim coach or have Pippo take over ASAP?

Would you rather see Seedorf take over (he is also a possibility according to the rumours!)

What say you?

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