Tuesday Fantasy Musing: Would Mourinho, should the opportunity arises, be any good for A.C. Milan?

The past week was quite a nerving one for me as an A.C. Milan fan, learning that we may or may not have a reliable manager in just less than 2 months to the UEFA Champions League Qualification Round.

My first vote definitely wouldn't go for someone as inexperienced as Clarence Seedorf, as there are several other candidates who crossed my mind. Rijkaard? Van Basten? Heynckes? ... and as crazy as it may sound... upon learning about his departure to Chelsea, what if Mourinho to become A.C. Milan manager?

Let's look at the facts...

For a manager who's known as an instant fix (-in his own words, 2 seasons minimum) for success, Mourinho's tenure in Real Madrid when compared to his own records, was indeed a bit of a letdown.

What clearly showed in Inter, Porto, and Chelsea, was that Mourinho's success has been laid on the basis of the players serving only to his cause.

Players didn't play 'for the club', they played FOR Mourinho, and Mourinho alone, which also explained why the players' form would drop tremendously after he had left. This is the undeniably detrimental effect that comes with Mourinho's style of management.

In Madrid, the players arguably have superiority complex amongst themselves. This is a chronic problem with Madrid, where the players HAVE TO like the manager to perform well. The club per se is somewhat guilty of not rooting this out of the team mentality.

During his 2nd season, we did observe that Madrid outperformed Barcelona in La Liga. (notice how in Chelsea, and Inter, this pattern of performing better in his 2nd seasons kept recurring). The players believed in Mourinho. But what happened in his 3rd season??

At the beginning of the 3rd season, Mourinho tried to shake things up in Madrid, in order to get the players hungry again for trophy. But the players didn't respond too well to this treatment, and he lost the dressing room. Arbeloa was spot on in pointing out that, it was the players who failed Mourinho.

Would Mourinho be any good for A.C. Milan? or any club with long and steady culture of success?

First of all, in order for this fantasy marriage of A.C. Milan and Jose Mourinho to work, I would argue that he needs to change his management style (which I doubted that he would) and start making the players play for the 'club badge', nothing and no one else.

A band of players that is only loyal to a manager maybe good for quick success, but definitely is bad for building a footballing dynasty.

A.C. Milan the club has been greater than its parts, is, and will always be.

Second reason is that, given the current financial state that A.C. Milan is facing right now, Mourinho may not necessarily be afforded with the kind of money to buy expensive players to achieve that "instant sucess" he has been so famous of.

Forza Milan

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