To sell or not? A Pharaonic conundrum...

Anyone who has been visiting the blog this year has been witness to the rise of the Pharaoh. You know the guy with the funky hair, you know the guy from the Mohawk trident, The player that basically saved our season when we had no hope.

Yeah so this post is about the monumental and impending stupidity that Galliani in his infinite wisdom is about to perpetuate in the coming days, or so the papers say. The decision whether to keep or sell Stephan El Sharaawy. Age 20, wages 1 mil, zero downside, infinite upside if he stays. When Inzaghi says we need him i would wake the fuck up , smell the roses, cut out the bullshit about "not being able to resist a crazy offer" and categorically take him off the market. Let me be clear here, i consider Fester the ultimate BOSS of the mercato,but this sordid saga of putting our jewels on the shopping window is starting to show a self degrading, almost masochistic side of our business. Where we are willing to flush all the things that defined our club down the drain in pursuit of filling our coffers.

What are we trying to do here. What kind of message are we sending out. What twisted warped sense of reality is Fester trying to create here? IS it a game , a best laid plan to score some major stuff on the transfer market,and if so why in the world would you shatter the confidence of your best player by stirring turmoil into his young mind. And its not as if this is just another off season. This is after a year full off nightmares. A year of unending struggles to just qualify for the UCL.

So what do Berlu and Fester do to soothe the frayed nerves of Milanisti , they create a crisis out of a simple matter of confirming Allegri, and create unnecessary drama. While that matter was put to bed rather timidly in the end, the storm surrounding the young lad refuses to die down. Let the guy be in peace for once. But how is that possible, we always do things the Milan way as Avia aptly put it.

So we make the guy sweat over where he plays next season all the while he is thousands of miles away training for the Confederations Cup. As expected this past week's tug of war and the countless rumours later, his confidence is shot. What kind of sick joke is this. We have in our hands one of the top 10 young players on the scene.You wont find a more talented and yet equally hardworking player today, You can keep your Gotzes and Hazards, and i'll keep my El Sharaawy.

To all those that suffer from delusions of grandeur under Balotelli need to come back to reality and ask themselves if we are ready to place our entire hope on an unarguably volatile, bloody good, genius even but equally mercurial talent? OR must we also place equal emphasis on developing a player that plays well past his yrs, has the icy calm needed in times of crisis, shows character unseen in young players but most importantly has Milan in his heart.

To me its a no brainer. I wont sell him even if someone offers me 50 mil. To sell him now would be to betray the very essence of what the club set out to do last yr. IF Galliani wants to place all his 'youth project' talk as just that and confine it to a trash can, then he can go ahead and sell him by all means. I shall consider myself duped if that happens. Ultimately i will curse myself to have been so gullible as to have been conned by Fester again. Ofcourse i am prepared for that eventuality, i suffered through Kaka and Sheva's exit and i shall take this hit too. But a part of what endears this club to me, what arouses incredible passion inside me, what brightens my darkest days , a small part of that which holds Milan dear, shall perish.

It may sound melodramatic but it is is simple betrayal on the part of the club if they do this. To place our hopes on wantaway 29 yr old mercenaries and yet kick out captains, soldiers of 18 yrs past to the wayside, discard our brightest promises , is that what we want to become. What is happening to this great club? Why are we casting away all the good , all the intangible but amazing things that made us love our club more than ordinary.

I want that Ac Milan back, the one where Maldini is our God and Forza Milan is our prayer. I want that Milan back that wasnt slave to the economics of running the club and impulsive money driven decisions taking precedence over doing the right thing. That is what seperates us from Madrid and Man City. What logic dictates this move i do not know, but all i know is i shall think twice about the motives of the management forever if this goes through. And i shall forever consider the sale as a deliberate offense against my Milan all all Milanisti.

IF we go through this we not only risk setting a dangerous precedent but we even potentially jeopardise any hopes of unearthing talent like Els. The stark and clear warning to young upcoming players who wish to play for us will be," dont bother applying for a job here, we only really value the money, talent and a sense of propriety are unnecessary". As is the equally dire indicator to Primavera players, "ofcourse you cant be sure of a place in the side no matter how well you play, if we can we shall squeeze every last penny out of you.(and buy players that in our own alternate sense of reality appear to be Champions)" .

Still ,all is not lost and this whole business may turn out to be more tabloid drama . Or could turn out real. Whichever outcome awaits us, we need to move forward with the best interest of our club in mind. Forza Il Faraone. Forza Milan Per Sempre.

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