Viola Preview

Giuseppe Bellini

This season things are going to change!

The last two matches against Fiorentina have left Milan with zero points. It was nearly a year ago that Milan's title run was ended with a frustratingly disappointing loss to Fiorentina squandering a one goal lead and losing the match in the 89th minute on a goal from Amauri. Goodbye three points, good by second straight scudetto. If that wasn't enough November of this season saw Milan lose 1-3 at the San Siro, with Pato squandering his last PK in a Milan shirt and thankfully NEVER to be heard of again.

Times have changed, gone are the likes of Zlatan and Pato, hero and goat from previous Viola encounters and in their stead are the new AC Milan. Team Mohawk may very well be in full effect with Balotelli, El Sharaawy and Niang fit for a start, should Allegri chose that route. The real concern being his desire to cope with Fiorentina's width, an issue Milan has had no problem controlling, but could beat any team on any given day. Milan need these three points to have any chance of working to the top of the table, but second place is the true and attainable goal and playing one game at a time means all this focus on this task.

Fiorentina Coach Vincenzo Montella, foolishly axed by Roma a few seasons back, is the new "chic" manager in Serie A. Should he begin to believe his own hype, it will be the beginning of the end for him, and Allegri can help squelch some of that. While many were singing his praises, his team continues to punch above their weight but have been unable to maintain the form from the start of the season. Yes, they have won 3 of their last 5, but the loss to Cagliari showed the inconsistency often found in upstart teams. AC Milan is now the polar opposite, pillar of consistency in 2013 and since the arrival of Super Mario has not lost a match. A far cry from the November Milan, and a team gaining confidence and consistency on the praises of the much maligned Mario Balotelli and Max Allegri. The two have been serving humble pie each and every week and have silenced the critics and couch coaches and given us all reason for hope of the future of AC MIlan!

The question now is Team Mohawk or not? Prince in the attack or in the midfield? DeSciglio at LB?

My take:

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes, DeSciglio; Muntari, Monty, Prince; Niang, Balo; SES

Playing DeSciglio at this point at LB is the better option present and future. Constant has been a warrior, but his game against Barca may have damaged his form and confidence. Playing Muntari and Prince in the midfield will give Milan the defensive grit needed to work pressure in the mid and freeing up the attackers to do what they do best. Time for three points!

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