Tactics Tuesday

Claudio Villa

Time to discuss the Tactics should Super Mario arrive before deadline day...

It's no secret Berlusconi's unhealthy obsession with 18-20 year old girls, attacking players, and Brazilians has put this Club in many a bad spot. His ego never really helped either, but his wallet always did. Now that his wallet has shrunk, his ego has grown and his lust for strikers continues...where does that leave Milan!?

I am almost positive we can all look at this current band of misfits and recognize that the only position that doesn't need reinforcing is the attack, but it would appear what the stubborn owner wants is what the stubborn owner gets. Santon and Astori, Santon and Ogbonna, Antonelli and Astori...the CB/LB combinations are endless and all the more cost effective than any attacking player purchase. But here we are a few days from the deadline and the odds on favorite for arrival is none other than Mario Balotelli!

I like Super Mario, I like his playing style, his attitude, and his spirit when his heart is fully invested. Yes, I can do without the pestilence and immaturity and the wages to boot, but it's time we discuss what his arrival does to Milan's tactics and formation.

It doesn't look like the 4-3-3 is going away any time soon, not with more attackers. So you have to imagine the back end doesn't change much, but what happens at the front. Balotelli would almost surely slot in at RW alongside Pazzo and El Sharaawy. The thing is he can also be that physical CF who hassles CBs and drags defenders. The problem this causes is the surplus to need of Bojan and Robinho who have yet to make an impact on the left side in place of El Sharaawy or the lack of playing time for Niang if Balotelli does arrive. Playing time is not that big of an issue considering the volume of games should Milan qualify for Europe League or CL. The issue I have is paying players like Bojo the Clown and Robinho to sit on their arses and collect a wage!

Having Balotelli slotted wide right will do nothing for balance on this team, another pressing issue, but it may help in possession and keep the ball in opponents defensive third, but it won't happen overnight. That chemistry and development would take time, and you can almost make an argument that having El Sharaawy, Niang, Pazzo, and Balotelli as your four strikers would lend to a two striker formation of complimentary players. Making the CAM need, say a Lodi or Cigarini, all the more pressing.

For me buying Balotelli doesn't solve any problems it only opens up more debate and questions. He may come home and set the World alight, taking hold of the throne as King of Milan! Or he can flop, and make things difficult for everyone around him. Unlike Man City, Milan doesn't have to roster and funds to support this sort of problem. This move is risky, but the reward is high. Tactically; however, it only complicates matters further.

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