The Problem with Bringing Back Kaka

David Ramos

I am going out on a record to state I don't agree with it, it causes more harm than good, but it looks like it may very well happen...

It looks like the deal is imminent (wrote this post at 1PM EST 1/21/13) and many have discussed the merit of this already. I for one don't agree with this move in the least. A player in decline since he has left Milan his 2010 injury robbed him of the pace he used so clinically, and a return to Italy may do nothing for his brittle bones. Milan doesn't need to rekindle past loves but embrace the players who have worked the hardest this season. The emergence of Pazzo, El Sharaawy and Niang as a trio has been great, and save some midfield and CB issues this team is really starting to galvanize, so what does Kaka really do for us...


He is going to be a major distraction, in a team devoid of real Star Power, he is going to come in and attract some attention. For better or worse, he will be a headline grabber. His performances may not warrant the headlines though and it won't take long for team's and opposing Coaches to figure this out.


I put a poll in below because neither formation we play really benefits Kaka. The 4-3-3 would play him wide right and furthest away from our goal, but why pay him wages when we already have Robinho, Bojo the Clown, and now the emergency of Niang. I know it's a bit much to say the emergency of Niang, but he has been strong in that role so far, so why rob him of valuable minutes. He has earned it over Binho and Bojo, what are you telling him? The 4-3-1-2 is the most likely, but is Kaka really the answer as CAM? Will he defend and pressure the ball or will it degenerate into a 4-3-3 anyway? Only time will tell. Can we play an XMAS tree, we could but balance and the progress of El Sharaawy begs a different question. Sure you can play him and Kaka behind Pazzo, but what does that really accomplish, other then a differently deployed 4-3-3!?


Let's be honest, yes they are high (even reduced!?) and yes they can be better spent. The real pressing need of this team are midfielders who are not Boeteng, and a CB who can play consistently game in and game out and end this revolving CB door. Even Mexes is wildly inconsistent and while Acerbi and Zapata would be the path forward, neither player has done anything to nail down the starting spot so help in that position as well as LB would be crucial. Astori and Santon, and NOT KAKA, are the better targets this window.


As evidenced by Pato's failures here I hate hype. Hype is simply unnecessary and the fact that Kaka is already be made out to be a deity and savior is to much for me to swallow. He comes in to a different team, older, less fit, and back to a league that has not going easier on frail players but harder. This has recipe for failure written all over it and I don't think we have the money to make this experiment work or not.

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