Are we good the way we are?!

Let’s be honest – none of us wanted to see Milan in this shape. We could’ve imagined it without Ibra, but without Thiago Silva we could’ve seen Milan only on our nightmares...

... I fully support the decision of the board to sell them both. Selling Ibra was a must do. With all those money in the next two years going to a single striker who will shine depending on his mood would’ve been wasted money. Anyway let’s not forget that every success we had in the past two years was directly connected to Ibra’s name. But, with him gone Milan won’t get suffocated.

We will get suffocated, and especially Abbiati will with Silva gone. Undoubtedly he’s the best center back in the world and he owned the word that was a synonym of insurance for every Milan fan and player. Now he’s gone and if we concentrate on the duo that we are using in the friendlies we will have the handsome Yepes and the third captain who stood up to this title saying encouraging phrases like ‘if we stand together, we will be better’. All I know about Bonera is that he’s more dangerous for us than for the opponents on the field.

Not surprisingly Milan is concentrated on buying a center back. Among the names that have been mentioned there is none that I’ve seen playing soccer. All I can comment on them is the rhyme of their names. And based on that we are looking for: an African/Latin-American, huge, prospect player with low cost.
Acerbi’s performance on Tim Cup was awful, but in time I think he will get adapted and run more in the field. Mexes has disappointed us last year with his excessive ‘security’, but I think that an extra defender will be a good addition to this duo in case of any injury. Keeping Albertazzi can prove to be very useful, especially in February when the players usually are tired and (let’s hope not) injured.
Also with the collapse of Didac’s transfer I believe that the emergency on the left wing of the defense is lower, but I know that with Antonini and Mesbah we create too much race track for squads with advanced right wings, be it shadow and wing striker or wing defender.

In the midfield I think we’re good and if there wouldn’t be the necessity for seasonal tickets we wouldn’t even try to retake Kaka. I think that we are getting too emotional and all we want is his name that reminds us of his glory days on Red&Black shirt. Every cents north of 6 million euros in his salary is too much. Sheva’s case demotivates me more. Also we can fill the trequartista’s role with Boateng or Emanuelson. Both of them have proved during last season and this preseason that with a little work they can fit perfectly in that position or even as shadow striker. Also if we turn back and use the past decade formation with two physical midfielders beside Montolivo in the midfield we won’t need ‘too much’ creativity forward, even though that hurt us last season.

In attack we’re better than all other departments. Pato, Cassano, Robinho, El Shaarawy are enough. We all are aware of Robinho’s ‘ability’ to score, but he’s a good dribbler and if Allegri puts him in the other side of El Shaarawy, Emanuelson, or even Pato, than the opponents defense won’t be ‘sleeping’ quietly.

Recently there were words about Rossi. We all know his history with injuries. Also he’s short and we have a lot of short strikers. We need height forward. Because of this fact and his enormous salary we don’t need Tevez either. I’ll sleep much better when his transfer to West Ham will be official. If we would buy a striker than he should be Dzeko, and only if we sell Cassano and/or Robinho.

And let’s not talk at all about Matri. Comi and Ganz have been pounding destroying opponents’ goals in Primavera past season. Together they scored more gals that games that Matri played (39 games -10 goals). Comi has been loaned out to Reggina, but I think that Ganz is enough for our fifth striker. With healthy Pato, with more space for El Shaarawy we might have a great attack. But, the biggest problem will remain the defense. Thiago Silva can’t be replaced, but we can lower the damage with his departure.
And until we buy a talented defender, and we have a more reliable left wing on defense, we aren’t good the way we are or as Galliani used to say ‘(Non) Siamo a posto cosi’.

Luan Morina

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