A press conference was held by Massimiliano Allegri and Zlatan Ibrahimovic before the quarter final match between Milan-Barca.


We will try some different things tactically speaking but from a psychological point of view this is such an important game that there is no need to motivate the players. Messi is the icing on the cake of a team that plays beautiful football where every player makes himself available. We have to keep our errors to a minimum and we also have to be brave and try to score.

There is no perfect result. In London we almost went out of the competitiondespite winning the first leg 4-0. This for us is the most important game of the two because we cannot afford to make mistakes. Then we'll go for it in the second leg.

Thiago Silva is world clss and we'll miss him but Nesta is feeling pretty good and fortunately I have other defenders who can do a good job.

I don't think weìll play like Inter did in 2010 because we have different players with different characteristics. They were a more physical side that we are although we did defend well in Barcelona, conceding very little, although we struggled to attack. I am convinced that this team struggles to defend on the edge of the box, like we did against Juventus in extra time. I am disappointed that we have players missing but the team are in a goo place right now. Obviously I would have preferred to meet Barcelona with a full squad but that doesn't mean we won't do well.

Ibra is a great lad and a great professional. He always gives his best in training and that adds something to the rest of the squad and he is an example for the younger players.

We are ready. This is the game that everyone has been waiting for since the draw was made. Since then we have done very well, we fell ready and we have trained well. I don't know what will happen but I do know that wel'' try our best. The whole team has to play a perfect game, including myself. We are playing against the best team in the world in the last five years. It won't be the same as the group game, we know that tomorrow we cannot afford to lose.

If somebody knew Barcelona's weak points then someone would have figured out how to beat them. At the end of the game we'll see how we have done and what mistakes we made. It is a very important game for me, for the team and for the fans. Let's hope to maintain our tradition in the Champions League.

We have to play our game against Barcelona. I am not a big fan of defensive football but the coah decides the tactics. We need a good result at home to give us confidence ahead of the return leg. We are the only Italian team left in the competition and hopefully we'll still be the only team once this round is over.

Barcelona are a better team now than when I was there, they have new players and as time goes by they all understand each other better. I don't think I am Milan's only hope, I am doing well thanks to my team mates. We are a team, I am scoring lots of goals but there are times when you score a littl less and it is up to others to score the goals. You win and lose as a team

Messi is definitely the best player in the world and he would do well even in Italy but playing at Barcelona, with so many other world class players, helps you become that player. Messi is setting new records all the time and watching him play is fantasti. When I went to Barcelona it was a dream come true for me, like it is for every player. I am disappointed that it only last a season but these things happen in football. It was a huge honour for me and I won lots when I was there. It was my best debut season ever. I am proud of my time at Barca and I hope they win the league.

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