Syed's Lazio - Milan Analysis!

Managed to catch up the game as live as I had recorded it and stay away from all football related news.

My take:

1) I think we started stronger than Lazio. This has been very much evident in almost all our games. We almost always fail to keep up the intensity.

2) I felt it was good for the game to have a goal as it really opened up the game, unfortunately, at the wrong side of the field.
I don’t think Bonera should deserve the stick he is receiving here on the blog.
Yepes, albeit a little slow, always gives his heart and soul. Unlike last year, it is truly missing from the likes of Nocerino and Prince. What is wrong with these two ? Very very low on confidence.

3) Whats happening with Zaps/Acerbi/Mexes? Why are we constantly seeing Yepes getting minutes? Do they suck this bad?

4) I dont know how you guys feel about this, but for me Abate and Antonini both looked lost. Abate has his usual problems of not crossing and when he does, its like a weird balloon like cross, far post, which usually ends up the other side of the pitch for a throw in or out for a goal kick. I mean, how hard is it to cross? We know he has done it before. What is the reason behind this regression?
Antonini sometimes makes me sooooo angry that I feel like I need some sort of a “stress chicken” to really take it out one someone. The lack of quality is so apparent that I feel absolutely comfortable with De Sciglio as a left back.

5) Emanuelson showed everyone how to cross the fricking ball. He looked electric and had the best technique on the ball.

6) SES is the man! Of all the negatives, he’s been the silver lining of this new look Milan. Great goal!

7) Pazzini looked lost but I dont think he should be blamed. There was no service at all. And when he was provided service, he certainly did his best.

8) Of all the stick Pato received here, I dont think he should be blamed. Come on guys. He was making his comeback after a long injury lay off. Dont forget this was his first game unlike Bojan who continues to look lost on the pitch. I am actually glad Pato managed to finish the game healthy. Fingers crossed, hope he keep healthy and starts to up his game.

9) De jong has a poor vision but I guess that’s too much to ask. He did his job well in the centre of the midfield. Just dont compare him to Van Bommel. Infact I felt that it was monty who couldnt pass for god knows what reason. So many times I saw Bonera complete a long pass to SES completely skipping our mid field in the hope something would happen. For god sake! We dont have Ibra to make his magic work.

All in all, shit first half but better second half. Not enough and certainly there is a definite lack of composure and confidence which really shows. Hope things get better and players rise up to the occasion.

I dont know why but there is certainly something missing from this Milan side. A catalyst in the attacking third? A spark? Something!!

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