Bologna v Milan: LIVEBLOG!


In the immortal words of Pragatish, time for a little Bologna for Breakfast, for those of us on the East Coast.

1st: Made it, been awhile since I did one of these, so bear with me!

3rd: KPB draws a free kick early, Zlatan over the ball with Clarence, Zlatan off the bar! What a rip. No finesse to a Zlatan free kick, just straight power.

5th: Interesting stat, Silva leads the team in passes attempted and completed, and while being a CB makes this a bit easier, the accuracy of his passes and more important availability to teammates to make a safe pass is excellent. Baresi anyone?

7th: Safe to say Aquilani is the worst tackler at Milan, FK to Bologna. A bit of trickery but crisis averted.

8th: Diamanti has excellent moves on the ball and the ability to use either foot, would be a bad situation for Yepes if he comes at him with pace. Still not sure why Mexes didn't get the nod?

10th: Imagine if Di Vaio and Di Natale had ever hit it with big Clubs, their skills are so similar and both can simply finish out of anything. Funny how that is sometimes .

11th: Dammit, should have kept my mouth shut about Di Vaio...what a goal, what a finish...Lecce make matters worse had that not gone in Amelia should have seen

13th: Milan need to calm down now and keep the ball, just find a rhythm no reason to get crazy and impatient here.

13th: Even the pass from Diamanti for that goal, incredible.

15th: Anyone realize Pato started, 15 minutes he is like the ghost of Milan's eleven right now.

16th: Prince with a stellar run on an Abate pass, pass to Seedorf and Clarence with a cracker!!! Excellent goal, gives Clarence new life for once again. Two goal scorers, both old men!

18th: Pato first touch, through ball to Zlatan, finds the target, does Pato continue his run for a ball raked across the face of goal? NOPE...being fast is one thing, reading the game is another.

20th: Anyone else upset about losing our clean sheet streak in Serie A? I am...I absolutely hate conceding.

25th: Yellow card for Gaston Ramirez, why give Milan, or more importantly Zlatan another crack at goal?

26th: Free kick results in a corner, Seedorf to take, looking for TSilva here.

29th: Abate with a little chip to try and beat the keeper! Very nice, forces a save out of Gillet, but great run.

31st: I am going to be brutally honest here, if Bologna find Diamanti he is going to make something happen. Van Bommel you better get on that, he isn't hard to spot, few players can pull off biker tattoos and an Fellaini-esque afro.

32nd: KPB makes solid run but gets himself into trouble 2 v 1, draws a foul. Bologna upset, as Aquilani, looked to foul at the start of the counter attack.

33rd: Clarence over the ball for a free kick from wide right, Zlatan wants it played to feet early, but ref doesn't allow the kick. Kick is taken, ball scraps about the box, nobody on the end it, hard to believe with Milan's opportunistic striker on the pitch.

36th: A few days off give Seedorf some pace even this late in the first half, a great run, a great pass to Zlatan to Abate who puts the ball across, close but no dice for Aqualini.

38th: Pato third touch, awful cross to Zlatan, having a half to forget, Robinho anyone?

43rd: Pato receives a pass wide right, draws four blue shirts, doesn't release...not being a stickler here, but Pato is basically making it easy.

45th: CHAOS ENSUES! Seedorf with a handball, Bologna goes nuts, Ramirez goes crazy gets a second yellow and ends up with a Red Card. Bologna down to ten men, and Milan clearly gets a break on this one. Home fans are rightfully angry. Not sure if Ramirez actually was given a red, it is possible a different player received the card. Appears Bologna remain at full strength...phew...I need a cup of coffee.

Half Time: Milan doing well to limit Bologna possession, but to be honest Bologna look dangerous every time the breach Milan's defensive third. Aquilani looks as leep at the wheel today, and in forty five minutes Pato had four touches and nothing to write home about. I say let's see Urby and Robinho and move Prince into the hole. Exciting first half but lucky for Milan who could have seen Red for Amelia and a PK for Clarence. Over the course of season you never bemoan your bad luck, because your good luck will come!

46th: We are off, no changes for Milan but Perez on for Casarini. Allegri seems to not be bothered by Pato and Aquilani's inability to do anything.

47th: CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MARK, (mark as in watch, not his first name, sorry for confusion) Di Vaio, EVERY TIME!

51st: Yepes fouls Kone, Allegri read the post, Urby and Binho warming.

54th: Yepes gets a yellow, probably a long time coming for Bologna fans.

55th: Milan now struggling to break down Bologna's midfield.

55th: Ramirez 1 v 1 versus Yepes, looks like a PK to me. Yepes burned for pace, looks to have injured something. Allegri, now you see why Mexes was the better choice.

56th: Luck is clearly on our side today, Van Bommel drops into CB, waiting on Bonera or Mexes, I assume.

57th: Pato won the ball, off a Bologna player on the tackle, MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

58th: Mexes on the sideline in a Santa hat, you have to believe Allegri looked down the bench, saw the Santa hat and told him to sit his ass back down...

60th: I can't stand another minute of Aquilani, who are you leaving that ball for!? Just crush it!

62nd: Subs begin, Ramirez off for Tinder, Bonera on for Yepes, poor Mexes. Nesxt time you will think twice about that silly ass hat.

64th: correction Ramirez remains on the pitch, Tinder not subbed. This game needs the fourth official to step up, yes I just asked for more from the fourth official...not sure why.

65th: Milan's spine is now officially sunk, Abbiati and Nesta out, and third choice CB out as well. Fester you see why we need a vice Nesta now more then ever!? Get your head out of Tevez's ass.

67th: Aquilani does nothing for 67 minutes, hits a diving header, and now Clarence off for Urby. Clarence had a goal, did little else, at this point Aquilani or Seedorf was neglible, yet Pato remains. My dog, sitting here in my living room, has done more for Milan today.

70th: Milan awarded a PK, seemingly out of nothing, Zlatan down on the pitch!? First and foremost Pato camping offside, then Zlatan goes down rather easily, to make matters worse with his back to goal. This has been a very lucky day, two PKs for Bologna not called and this soft one is awarded. Zlatan buries it, but even I feel a bit dirty now...maybe I will just hit the showers.

73rd: Bologna finds an equalizer, Milan concede in Leo fashion, immediately after a goal. Who else but Diamanti, what a goal, right footed. Yes I have a man crush, always have actually, full disclosure, his West Ham jersey is hanging in my closet.

74th: This match is now OFFICIALLY out of hand, someone needs to keep the ball for a minute and settle this thing down, a frantic pace only favors the home side.

76th: Free kick for Milan, Urby over the ball from the left side. Finally Taider for Ramirez. Urby finds the head of Silva, but no one at the back post.

77th: Bye, Bye Pato. No pace, no touch, no nothing...lets go Binho!

80th: Bologna continue to attack at home, earn a corner after a good sliding challenge from Ants.

81st: Immediate impact for Binho on the counter, plays a ball wide to Urby who cuts in and has a rip.

83rd: Zlatan plays Abate wide, a great cross, but no one on the door step, Milan win a corner.

84th: seeing the Diamanti goal again and Amelia's inability to palm out that ball makes me miss Abbiati.

85th: Urby does one good thing, followed by one bad immediately. Attack is no longer on the same wave length, lots of cohesion issues.

87th: Abate getting in excellent positions late on, so nice to see him progress into the attack but no help from the attack.

88th: Di Vaio has been dangerous in every attempt on the ball.

90th: Five minutes of injury time...

93rd: Bologna not closing up and shop taking the point, they are attacking, rightfully so. When they attacked today, they did well, may as well stick with it.

95th: Milan resort to the long ball, that is when you know all is lost and unless Bologna score this one is ending in a draw.

Game, Set, Match: Luck surely favored Milan on this day, a draw away from home, and a missed chance at a moment at the top. Our Juventus problem just got a little worse, and fourth place looks more likely than first. Christmas came early with ref choices, but karma was a tough mistress today, back with a recap tomorrow. In the meantime, I guess we have no choice but to root for Roma, I think that's akin to betting against the Harlem Globe Trotters...useless.

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